TT20 Thought Leader Gateway


Premium Subscribers to ThinkTWENTY20 Magazine can gain free access to The TT20 Thought Leader's Gateway, a wealth of information on the foremost topics of the day affecting accounting and financial professionals. Premium subscribers also have free access to special events, including our "Up Close and Personal" series.

The Gateway includes all the articles published in ThinkTWENTY20 Magazine as well as many of the blog entries and other items posted in the site. We are always adding sections on other topic of current interest, such as Blockchain, Advanced Analytics, ESG Reporting, XBRL, Data Management and other important topics.

How to subscribe?

To buy a premium subscription to the magazine and enable access to the Gateway, simply go to where you can find the links to subscribe. We will send you an email with your username and password. Once you receive the email, you can login to The TT20 Thought Leader's Gateway and take part in special events.