Eighty-five per cent of Companies Not Ready for Cyber Breach, According to FEI Canada

TORONTO, November, 2019: A survey conducted by Financial Executives International Canada (FEI Canada) among financial executives reveals organizations are not prepared to respond to a cyber breach that could significantly affect their operations. While 98 per cent of participants are concerned about a cyber breach, only 15% have sufficient preparations in place in three critical areas of readiness: 

1. Legal 

2. Crisis communications 

3. Cyber insurance 

Participants responded to survey questions on these three areas and were then given a risk score for each as well as an overall risk level for their organization. “The results have shown that 34% of organizations have been subject to a breach in the last five years,” said Catherine Fels-Smith, president of FEI Canada. “Organizations and their executives need to take control of their cyber breach preparation or risk significant damage that goes beyond data privacy.”

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