About Us

We are an innovative magazine for financial professionals who would appreciate a deep dive into contemporary issues that will help you understand and appreciate how these issues will affect our profession and its practitioners now and in the future. For analyses of, and insight into, the trends and movements affecting the various finance functions, right here is where you need to be.

CPA Canada, Canada's largest professional organization, has chosen to become a Founding Partner of ThinkTWENTY20. 

ThinkTWENTY20 is the go-to place for financial thought leaders – people who like to think things through and who think deeply and creatively about how we can make the future ours.ThinkTWENTY20 is a publication about how the future will transform the accounting profession and the professionals working in it today – and in the years to come. We will delve deeply into the issues and trends that will affect our work, analyze what impact they will have and suggest how we need to prepare ourselves to take charge of what is happening. 

Our mission

Financial professionals are constantly bombarded with new information about a myriad of issues – artificial intelligence, big data analytics, social media, cloud computing, new ways of presenting and digesting financial information, and so much more. We will be the guide who interprets that information from a financial professional’s perspective to help our readers transform their practices, their work and themselves to meet the challenges of the future.

To provide in-depth insights into the trends – technological, social media, generational issues, etc. – transforming the accounting profession, now and in the future, from the perspective of financial professionals.